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Striking it Rich in Tonopah, Nevada at the Mizpah Hotel, Part 2

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After thoroughly exploring the room (you can read about it and see pics here), we headed out to see more of the other floors of the Mizpah Hotel. We were not disappointed!




There are sitting areas just outside of the Lady in Red Suite (and in the place where the lady in question was supposedly killed). Comfortable and stylishly period furnishings are set out at various points so that you can relax and/or wait for the rest of your party. Even the skylights had details too beautiful to miss!


We explored the lower level where the Jack Dempsey Room lives. It’s exclusively an event room now, so we couldn’t go in, but like kids outside of a candy store, Andy and I eagerly peered through windows to get a glimpse. Dark woods and handsome engravings stood out, and I can only imagine what a “dress” event would be like in such Old West grandeur.

From there, we went back to the lobby and lounge level. Throughout the area, they have scattered antique gaming equipment. From the vintage H. C. Evans gambling wheel (1939) to the old time cash registers, there was something to capture our attention. Even the old safe has been put back into service – although now it’s the perfect space for their gift shop.




And yes, being Nevada, there were working slot machines in the lobby.




The lounge/bar area is actually a lovely place to either get drinks or eat dinner (the same menu is served in the bar as is served in the main restaurant. We opted to hang out here for dinner and learn more about the town from the bar keep (who was lovely and happy to give us the scoop on everything from the town to the ghost upstairs). They have a nice selection wines, and we kicked back to indulge in some burgers and the Pittman Pot Pie (Note: the pot pie is huge!!!! and I didn’t get even vaguely close to finishing it – but it was really tasty and uniquely presented). Andy had a locally brewed beer, while I had the Cline Pinot Noir – both paired well with the food, and were reasonably priced.





There were a number of other people milling about in the bar and the lounge (some were guests in the hotel, while others just came in from town for the warmth of food, wine and conversation). It was a relaxed atmosphere, and it was a great way to unwind after a long day on the road.

The next morning, we made it our mission to visit the Pittman Cafe (named after the U.S. Senator). You can choose to eat at the lunch counter, or wander into the dining room. You get the feeling from the conversation that the cafe attracts a group of regulars, as well as travelers who are staying at the hotel. Food is plentiful, and, again, the prices are reasonable.



After breakfast, we wandered out to explore the town. The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is just in back of the hotel. There is a small entrance fee if you want to go up into the park. As it was only 25 degrees at the time, and I was still recovering from a torn ligament in my ankle, we decided not to go up into the mines. Next time!

Tonopah is a curious place. It has both the feeling of ghost town and the feeling of a town ready to rise again. Staying at the Mizpah Hotel was a comfortable (and often fun) experience (and I very much enjoyed the elegant touches throughout the hotel). I’m certainly curious to see how the investments in the town pay off. All in all, I’m hopeful that this is one place that we revisit in the years to come.  If you want to see more pictures of the town itself, stay tuned to my Instagram


Where: Mizpah Hotel, 100 Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada 89049

Cost: Currently between $99 and $160 plus tax (check the website for seasonal changes in rates)

Wi-Fi: Yes! It’s included in the room rate. Its strength depends a little bit on where you are in the hotel, but in the end I was able to get online when I needed it.

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