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Channel Islands Harbor

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Along with my current love for black and white photography, I seem to be having a love affair with marina/harbor life. I never get tired of walking along the docks and photographing the different boats that line them.

The Channel Islands Harbor area, particularly the area off of Channel Islands Boulevard, fascinated me. You have the big harbor area, restaurants, shopping—even a museum (Ventura County Maritime Museum) nearby. But I also enjoyed wandering through some of the neighborhoods. Because they are built on the canals that lead to the Harbor, and they are deep, the homes have slips right in front of them.  I’m enchanted by the idea of being able to leave my front door and head out to a boat.  I’m sure I’d be less enchanted if the area was prone to storms and flooding, but this one is relatively protected.

The pictures below were taken in the main area of Channel Islands Harbor near Vintage.  One thing that struck me was how similar the one photo of the paddle boarder making his way through the channel is to the one photo I took of Balboa Island. I guess wherever there is water and boats, there are paddle boarders.



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