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About an Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel Writer

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PatriciaSteffy_HeadshotI’m Patricia Steffy, and I’m traveling without a net. Unless otherwise noted, all the photos on the blog are of my travels (not internet stock photos). Most have been taken by me, or Andrew Gerngross, my frequent travel companion. Though I would welcome a stay at a 5-star hotel in a major city, I look for places that are off-the-beaten-path, or places that are not your typical tourist hot spot (even if they are near ones). It’s an exciting life right now, and I’m happy to share it with you!

About the Traveling Without a Net

I recently had the opportunity to take a break from my normal life. While I find myself without a paycheck (bye, bye safety net), I have found myself with the freedom to really start exploring the world around me.  Surprisingly, I do have a timid side, so there are times where I seriously have the debate about whether a certain trip is worth leaving the safe confines of home and couch. So far, the vast majority have been. If you like discovering new places, this project is definitely for you.

Why Did I Move From Broke Girls?

I loved writing for Broke Girls Travel, but I felt like the pieces, both mine and the guest ones, were drifting away from just budget travel (and travel deals) into the eccentric/off-the-beaten-path/Look What I’ve Discovered zone. I loved that shift, and I’ve decided to dedicate the site to it.

Where Else Can You Read Me?

I have written national travel pieces for,,, Cruise Voyant and In addition, I write humorous observation pieces about life as a single girl in Los Angeles which you can find over at Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths. A web series is currently being made based on the blog.

Sponsored Posts/Adverts/Media Kit

Material and/or financial incentives may be received as a result of my involvement with sponsored programs, and that will be noted at the bottom of each sponsored/guest post. But all editorial content and opinions are those of Traveling Without a Net. You can find our media kit here: Traveling Without A Net August 2017

What is the Balance Between Sponsored and Unsponsored Content?

I try to keep the balance at 90% unsponsored and 10% sponsored content (including sponsored ads, posts, and trips). That means most of the trips are paid for by us, and there may be down times between long trips because of that. Even if content is sponsored, I do try to provide an unbiased opinion — which means I will not only give you the pros of a place/experience, but I’ll tell you about any negatives that I think might impact your trip.